EP 023: Exploring pathways to break into consulting with Dustin

Crossroads episode with Dustin, a defense industry professional with less than 5 years of work experience, is seeking a pathway into management consulting.

Dustin and Christie discuss ways to reinvent and curate a personal brand that would be attractive to consulting firms, including how to identify experience gaps.

EP 022: Projecting a winning image with celebrity personal stylist Elsa Isaac

In this Quick Wins episode, we discuss the importance of your image in consulting with personal image stylist Elsa Isaac.   Whether you realize it or not, scientific studies have shown that you are being judged by how you dress, especially in the workplace, which could impact your credibility, promotions, project opportunities, and raises/bonuses.

Style image is an important component of your brand and because it is such a personal choice, it is not always openly discussed, making it sometimes the “elephant” in the room.   Great consultants take their personal image very seriously.

Benefits of dressing well and creating a personal signature style:

  • Being well dressed can help you build relationships
  • Enhances your credibility and create a lasting impression when working with clients
  • Image can boost your self-confidence and elevate your energy in a way that helps you performance

Elsa helps us understand why image really matters & dispels the myth of image.  “Image doesn’t have to be a vain thing” Elsa shares.  She dissects how image could impact performance, shares her definition of being well-dressed, and provides a framework for creating a signature style and shopping techniques.

Elsa’s guide to a high end wardrobe on a budget   | Elsa on Facebook | Elsa on Instagram

EP 021: Career journey of a consultant rockstar featuring Jonathan

In this Where are They Now? episode, Christie interviews Jonathan, now a Senior Vice President at a global marketing firm and a former consulting colleague with the brand of a rockstar. Jonathan shares stories of his career journey and how he transitioned from the media & entertainment industry into consulting and back into the music industry.

Jonathan also discusses a myriad of topics including:

  • Moving from Virginia to NYC to Los Angeles and living differences between the various cities.
  • Genesis of shareholder value as a strategic priority in corporations and its impact on organizational cultures.
  • Things to consider when deciding to pursue an MBA and how to get a free education.
  • Realities of firing a client that compromises integrity and values.
  • Becoming a trusted advisor for your client and Jonathan’s definition of a great consultant.
  • Hacks to get promoted quickly as a newbie in a consulting firm.

In career dilemma segment of the show, Christie and Jonathan gives advice on how to manage conflicts and build relationships with a difficult client.

Christie & MECE Muse podcast was mentioned in TIME magazine

Jonathan uses SWOT analysis techniques at all times on his projects – learn about it here.

JM Perry Coaching

Music credit:  Ben Sound Lounge

EP 020: A deep dive on the importance of project management skills in consulting

Quick Wins interview with Ed Lively and Stephanie Cole of the International Institute for Learning (IIL), seasoned project managers discuss the importance of consultants need to have strong project management skills.

In this episode – Christie, Ed, and Stephanie have a roundtable discussion walking through key techniques along the phases of a typical project lifecycle – initiate, plan, execute, monitor/control, and close.  Episode also covers International Project Management Day coming up in November and how you can enhance your project management skills by attending an upcoming virtual conference.

Episode also covers International Project Management Day coming up in November and how you can enhance your project management skills by attending an upcoming virtual conference.

Learn more about project management:

International Institute for  Learning 

IPM Day 2017  |  Registration | A Virtual Tour