Market Shifts, Relationships, Industry Conferences, and More with Tanya Stevenson

MECE 031 | Market Shifts


“Always remember, you never know you are meeting or working with, what their role will be the next time you meet them”

AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview with Tanya Stevenson, a seasoned independent consultant, author, and Founder of Stand Up & Deliver Consultancy based in Canada.   In this interview, Tanya shares her career journey as well as how she has been able to adapt to volatile market shifts as an independent consultant.

In today’s career dilemma, Tanya and I give advice to consultants attending their first industry conference and seeking to maximize their experience.

In this episode, I answer commonly asked questions about my upcoming book launch, The MECE Muse.

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CEO vulnerability, power of detachment, and passion projects with John Robinson

AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview with John Robinson, CEO of BackUp CEO, a company focused on CEO leadership coaching. John shares how he made the transition from corporate marketing to becoming an independent consultant to founding his firm. John also discusses the power of detachment, embracing vulnerability while leaning into danger, and his passion project, Mind at Ease network.


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