EP 019: Get into your dream school with Kofi Kankam of Admit.me & AdmitAdvantage.com

AMA (Ask Me Anything) interview with Kofi Kankam, a former consultant turned serial entrepreneur. This is the 4th and final installment of our Welcome Back to Campus series, specifically focused on undergraduate and graduate students seeking to begin a consulting career.

In this episode, Kofi who is both a Harvard and Wharton MBA graduate, discusses his career journey and how he made the leap from school to consulting to entrepreneurship.  Kofi co-founded AdmitAdvantage.com and launched Admit.me, both services focused on helping individuals gain admissions to the top undergraduate and graduate programs across the world.

EP 009: Finding your life’s purpose with Joan

In this episode’s Crossroads interview, Joan is a successful, high performing consultant grappling with a yearning and desire to do more meaningful, impactful work potentially in the non-profit space. Christie explores and discusses possible career options that will allow Joan to follow her heart’s desires.