EP 028: Harness your inner intuition for consulting greatness with Lynn Robinson

Quick Wins interview with bestselling author and Intuitive Advisor Lynn Robinson, one of the nation’s leading speakers on the hot topic of developing and trusting our intuition. She teaches how to tap into the power of your “Inner GPS” Her clients consistently praise her uncanny intuitive insights as “spot on,” resulting in personal clarity, creative solutions and overall business success.  Lynn has authored seven books on intuition that have been published in over 15 languages.

“Make today the day you start trusting your intuition.”

In today’s episode, Lynn defines intuition and explains how it should be a key skill for consultants use for their decision-making success and shares a techniques to help you tap into your inner voice in a way you can create insights and creative solutions for your clients as well as bring clarity to your life.

Links from today’s episode:

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Lynn Robinson’s website  | Download free copy of “How to listen to your inner CEO”

EP 022: Projecting a winning image with celebrity personal stylist Elsa Isaac

In this Quick Wins episode, we discuss the importance of your image in consulting with personal image stylist Elsa Isaac.   Whether you realize it or not, scientific studies have shown that you are being judged by how you dress, especially in the workplace, which could impact your credibility, promotions, project opportunities, and raises/bonuses.

Style image is an important component of your brand and because it is such a personal choice, it is not always openly discussed, making it sometimes the “elephant” in the room.   Great consultants take their personal image very seriously.

Benefits of dressing well and creating a personal signature style:

  • Being well dressed can help you build relationships
  • Enhances your credibility and create a lasting impression when working with clients
  • Image can boost your self-confidence and elevate your energy in a way that helps you performance

Elsa helps us understand why image really matters & dispels the myth of image.  “Image doesn’t have to be a vain thing” Elsa shares.  She dissects how image could impact performance, shares her definition of being well-dressed, and provides a framework for creating a signature style and shopping techniques.

Elsa’s guide to a high end wardrobe on a budget   | Elsa on Facebook | Elsa on Instagram

EP 020: A deep dive on the importance of project management skills in consulting

Quick Wins interview with Ed Lively and Stephanie Cole of the International Institute for Learning (IIL), seasoned project managers discuss the importance of consultants need to have strong project management skills.

In this episode – Christie, Ed, and Stephanie have a roundtable discussion walking through key techniques along the phases of a typical project lifecycle – initiate, plan, execute, monitor/control, and close.  Episode also covers International Project Management Day coming up in November and how you can enhance your project management skills by attending an upcoming virtual conference.

Episode also covers International Project Management Day coming up in November and how you can enhance your project management skills by attending an upcoming virtual conference.

Learn more about project management:

International Institute for  Learning 

IPM Day 2017  |  Registration | A Virtual Tour

EP 018: Demystify the consulting hiring process from the mindset of a campus recruiter

Quick Wins interview with Sammi, a seasoned top 10 consulting firm campus recruiter specifically focused on hiring first-year analysts. This is the 3rd installment of our Welcome Back to Campus series, specifically focused on undergraduate and graduate students seeking to begin a consulting career. In this episode, Sammi helps demystify the recruiting process and provides insights on the process from a recruiter’s perspective.